Current Version 3.3

History of Concordance versions

Version 1.01, September 1996

A paper draft for discussion with Prof G H von Wright.

Version 2.01, September 1997

HTML version 3.2 texts based on the contents of the Suhrkamp Werkausgabe. Does not include Eine Philosophische Betrachtung or Das Blaue Buch, for reasons explained in the Introduction. Keywords which appear in both English and German word lists are taken directly from the co-text and are therefore sometimes shown in flected form. Examples include: In addition:

Version 2.02, December 1997

As version 2.01 but with minor corrections

Version 3.01, January 1998

As version 2.02 but with the following modifications:

Version 3.1, February 1998

As version 3.01 but with the following substantial corrections:

Version 3.2, March 1998

As version 3.1 but with the following modifications:

Version 3.3, October 1998

As version 3.2 but with the following modification:

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